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I then went to the relevant pivot table field in the field list, "Project Owner" and clicked the down arrow.

The check boxes that allow you to filter the data still offered the name of the person that left and who's name had been eliminated from the data.

Windows 7, Excel 2010 I have inserted data on a single worksheet that populates around 10 pivot tables, each on their own worksheet. One of the members of my team left and was replaced by a different person and so rows that contained that person's name needed to be updated.

I opened the sheet with the original data and replaced the name of the team member that left with the new team member.

When I tried to update the pivot table, it did not update.

What I mean by this, is that I refreshed the pivot table using the refresh button in the ribbon.

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This update included editor styles to match how the theme looks on the front-end.

There were no real code changes in the theme from the previous version that I had to include in my child theme.

I have automatic updates disabled so I can do this beforehand.

As I always do, I updated the local copy on my PC before updating my blog here.

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