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Frequently users report recipients missing from the GAL. Scenario:– Recipients are not hidden from Exchange Address Lists– Recipients do show up in the “All Users” Address List– Recipients do show up when Outlook’s not in Cached Mode– Recipients resolve in Outlook Web Access Some recipients may not be included in the Offline Address Book when it is generated, for a number of reasons. New users don’t show up in the GAL for clients using Outlook 2003 Cached Mode clients, because Outlook uses an Offline Address List (aka “Offline Address Book” or OAB), which is generated once every 24 hours by default [read previous post “New user does not show up in GAL“] In this case there are who did show up in the GAL earlier but have disappeared now.I've tried recreating the global address book file in app data but this is affecting multiple staff.

You can still drive while you wait for your new documents to be sent to you. One of our mining clients is reporting that multiple staff on office 2016 at different offices with mailboxes on multiple 2016 exchange servers are reporting their global address books aren't updating.They are in cache mode and the workaround for multiple staff has been to put outlook on online mode and then cache mode.With Diagnostics Logging for .– Default Offline Address List On closer inspection:– The reason these recipients show up in the “All Users” Address List is because that Address List is not part of the OAB – only the Default GAL is, as shown in the screenshot below..– The address on the General tab was corrected to match the default email address – [email protected]– The OAB was regenerated, and complete OAB downloaded in the Outlook client. And thus was solved the mystery of the missing recipients.

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