Updating firmware on stand alone divx player

Multiple audio support allows you to switch seamlessly between soundtracks to hear other languages or director’s commentary without interrupting playback.

Div X Player also supports most popular audio formats.

They work great from what I have read, and there's plenty of sites around that will give you lots of options for them...

There's a few linux apps around that basically make itx boxes into just divx/vcd players.

When you enable Cloud Connect (included in Div X Pro), you can import video directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

With one easy step, you can download and upload videos from cloud storage within Div X Software.

Hi All, I'm looking for a Standalone Div X player (similar to a regular DVD player in setup/size etc).

it can play DVDs, VCD, SVCDs but the main thing I'm looking for is a standalone unit to stick under the TV.

Then you can use a Dreamcast DIVX boot cd which is a tiny file you can download off the net easily and use the Boot cd to play Divx movies on your TV.If I had one this is what I'd do: Wack in 2 x 250GB WD 8MB. Load a custom OS on there to deal with a select few programs.Attach system to my widescreen rear projection through a single channel Run the system 24/7 since its very quiet.I'll find a review and add it to the product on my site for your reference. Stand alone player would be nice, but not as versatile.They're great since they play your CDs without booting as well and perfect to slot into your home threatre without looking like a PC at all and best of all play your DIVXs. I'm sure you could set this up to just run a few programs only with a Unix distro reducing your boot time to a few seconds.

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