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This plugin requires no additional licensing and is free for all users.

Nor can you take IIS 5.1 from Windows XP and try to install it on your Windows 2000 servers. You might be confused about Microsoft’s decision to ship something like a Web server with what’s supposed to be a client operating system. So rather than ship a beta version of IIS 6.0, or include the old version of IIS 5.0 in Windows XP, Microsoft compromised and came up with IIS 5.1.

Bit it’s by no means the first time Microsoft has done this. IIS 5.1 contains some new features that the new XP technologies will also have in the . For more information about what’s coming with IIS 6.0, see the Daily Drill Down "What’s coming in IIS 6.0 and Windows .

It’s then easy to determine involved web pages or IP addresses thanks to the automatically calculated field statistics.

Just with a click on a value it’s possible to filter down the view....

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Finally, we need to update the path of the new PHP in Windows Environment Variables.

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  1. For example, the response: Proxy Pass /internal/foo Proxy Pass /internal/bar Proxy Pass /internal/baz Proxy Pass Reverse /internal even if the upstream site does not use HTTP redirection, because there is little harm in doing so and it may prevent future breakage.