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has a series of “Perfect Desktop” tutorials including one for a nice distribution named PCLinux OS. There’s also a website that tries to match people with a Linux distribution suitable for them at Linux Distribution Chooser.To follow this tutorial you should be familiar with navigating the file system with a file manager. If you’re not already familiar with using the command line please click here to read a simple introduction to it.If you’re running Windows you may want to audit your systems hardware with Belarc Advisor or the Device Manger.

Just so you know I’m writing this tutorial on more than one computer so some screenshots may show IDE and others may show SATA.

For this tutorial I downloaded the Slackware 12.0 DVD ISO (everything).

Use the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM you created and boot your computer from it.

View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_You might want to download and upgradepkg the pkgtools program first.

That way, you can do an easier upgradepkg *on the rest of the currents-software.--treatment-- Yeah, you want to upgrade pkgtools first for maximum joy.

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