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Urologists should play a key role in the development, evaluation, implementation, and analysis of practice measures and the resulting policies.Medication-related problems, including adverse drug reactions, drug-to-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, polypharmacy, and other complications, are common, but may be preventable outcomes of prescribing choices.The AGS has noted that the Beers Criteria should never be used to supersede clinical judgment and individualized patient care.The AGS does not endorse the use of the Beers Criteria to certify medications as “never appropriate” for older persons.Of note, the AGS plans to conduct systematic reviews and update the evidence and recommendations based on emerging data.The goal of the Beers Criteria is to improve the effectiveness and safety of prescription practices for geriatric patients.

Apart from the newer overactive bladder (OAB) medication mirabegron (which was launched after the systematic review was completed for the 2012 Beers Criteria revision), there are currently no other oral pharmaceutical substitutes for the antimuscarinics.The most recent document is based on an exhaustive, systematic review of the published literature regarding medications and their utility and potential risks versus benefits in older adults, and not simply expert opinion.The writing panel used Institute of Medicine (IOM) methodology for grading the quality of the literature and also assigned a statement regarding the strength of the recommendation for each medication in the listing.Further, analysis of several national datasets showed that of an estimated 177,504 emergency room visits for adverse drug events in older adults, 3.6 percent were due to medications considered to be “potentially inappropriate for use in older adults” by the 2003 version of the Beers Criteria.Although older adults, defined herein as those ≥65 years of age, currently account for approximately 13 percent of the total population in the United States, they receive more than 30 percent of all prescription medications.

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