Validating culturally diverse students

The second dimension of knowledge construction asks learners to begin questioning and critically analyzing the biased, and previously accepted, curriculum.

In the third dimension, the teaching focus shifts to encouraging cross-cultural interactions in an effort to reduce prejudice.

Ladson-Billings found that all of the teachers shared pride in and commitment to their profession and had an underlying belief that all children could be successful.

Howard looked at the "perceptions and interpretations" of students who have experienced this type of learning environment.

The qualitative data which included students response, is evidence that this is a positive and effective form of pedagogy.

Culturally relevant pedagogy can also be found in the literature as “culturally appropriate” (Au & Jordan, 1981), “culturally congruent” (Mohatt & Erickson, 1981), “culturally responsive” (Au, 2009; Cazden & Leggett, 1981; Erickson & Mohatt, 1982; Lee, 1998), and “culturally compatible” (Jordan, 1985; Vogt, Jordan & Tharp, 1987).

Ladson-Billings (1992) also provides some clarification between critical and culturally relevant pedagogy, with the difference being that culturally relevant pedagogy urges collective action grounded in cultural understanding, experiences, and ways of knowing the world. Department of Education's Equity Assistance Centers, such as the Equity Alliance at ASU help states, school districts and schools to establish the conditions for equitable educational outcomes for all students, using cultural responsiveness as one of the measures of the needed capabilities of teachers, principals and school communities as a whole.

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