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As a very basic example, a validated website will not allow an image without an ALT attribute and ALT attributes are important for use with screen readers (which a user with a visionary impairment may use to 'read out' a website to them).A validated website does not instantly mean your website is 100% accessible but it is a very good place to start and build upon.It will list citations and gives you links to peer-reviewed academic journals, abstracts, technical reports, and more.Just bear in mind that Google uses an algorithm to rank their results which are mostly based on a number of citations. Sounds scary and important but what does it actually mean to you and your website and why is validation important?Firstly let us give you an excerpt from WC3 as they are the validation setters for the internet world:"Validation is a process of checking your documents against a formal Standard, such as those published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for HTML and XML-derived Web document types.

The more authorative websites command higher search engine positions.3) Accessibility Validating your website means you are being made to use many techniques that aid the accessibility (catering for users with a disability) of your site.Have a look at what they have written before if they are self-made people or which kind of credentials they have.See if they have a website, a Twitter account, a Linked In profile.And while it is OK to read these posts so to help you to come up with new ideas, you shouldn’t bet your life on them.So check the author of the text you are reading and google it.

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