Varadmmessages in solaris not updating

(8Gb, fabric, initiator) Hi, Very nice post, getting confused with the luxadm forcelip itslef the frimware is getting upgraded, where is the source of the upgrade package, i understand force lip only reset the hba and works with the updated firmware. Thanks Lazarus driver will no longer automatically updates the host bus adapters (HBA) firmware on Oracle-branded HBAs, you have to do it through the proposed steps (forced LIP).

The OS will then know how to use the proper new firmware when a LIP is intentionally initiated from the command line.

(To trigger an update, a manual HBA or link reset using luxadm, fcadm, or emlxadm is required.) So, we can clearly see the different firmwares known by the system depending on the type of the HBA.

In our case, we had an HBA of type LPe12000-S (seen in the same messages file, or from the output of the command Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.03DD]emlxs0: NOTICE: 710: Link down. id=35 fw=6) Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.111E]emlxs0: NOTICE:1520: Firmware download.

(8Gb, fabric, initiator) # date Wed Jul 18 CEST 2012 # luxadm -e forcelip /dev/cfg/c2 # grep emlx /var/adm/messages [...] Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.0334]emlxs1: NOTICE: 710: Link down. id=67 fw=6) Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.0ECB]emlxs1: NOTICE:1520: Firmware download.(DWC file: SLI3: old=2.00a3 new=2.01a4 Update.) Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 3.0151]emlxs0: NOTICE:1521: Firmware download complete.(Status good.) Apr 25 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 5.061B]emlxs0: NOTICE: 720: Link up.# grep emlx /var/adm/messages [...] Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 1.0340]emlxs0: WARNING:1540: Firmware update required.(A manual HBA reset or link reset (using luxadm or fcadm) is required.) Jul 18 beastie emlxs: [ID 349649] [ 1.0340]emlxs1: WARNING:1540: Firmware update required.

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