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It is gradually replacing the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Vo IP is becoming the preferred communication platform because it is cheaper and it allows a higher degree of portability.

They made it easy to acquire new numbers and tweak caller ID details.

Nowadays there are ways to identify non-fixed inbound calls.

provide their own set of pros and cons and choosing which service to use really boils down to the intended use for the phone line.

Aside from number portability, there are other benefits to using Vo IP phone systems.

Most users prefer this service because they can use their Vo IP phone number on a multiple devices.

Your friends, family and customers can reach you on the same number whether you are on your computer, mobile device or desktop phone.

The phone numbers associated with this type of Vo IP service are not associated or linked to any address.As the name suggests, non-fixed Vo IP does not require a fixed physical address.It can be accessed by anyone with access to the internet.A reliable communication platform is one of the key pillars of a successful business.Your customers need to feel confident they are dealing with a reliable organization.

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The main advantage of a fixed Vo IP service is that the phone number is associated with a fixed physical address.

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