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We both had cheating spouses in our first marriages so for us cheating is probably our number 1 no questions asked deal breaker.We stayed with our wayward spouses for a time after they cheated but found it to be an insurmountable hurdle eventually.If you share this post, please give due credit to the author Vikram Karve 2. Please DO NOT Cut/Copy/Paste this post © vikram karve., all rights reserved.

Despite “compatibility issues” and conflicting temperaments – how has our marriage survived for more than 37 years…? We believed in the Marriage Mantra – Divorce is not an option. We are certainly not a “made for each other” couple. I remember a true story that happened just before our marriage in May 1982.

Let me say that we – my “Better Half” and I – we cannot boast of an ideal marriage – a perfect marriage – or a “successful” marriage.

However – we can certainly say that we have had an “enduring” marriage – a “durable” long-lasting relationship.

We have huge differences of opinion on almost all matters – we fight a lot – we criticize each other – we shout at each other – we never hide our feelings – especially when we don’t like something – and we call a spade a spade.

We don’t indulge in “lovey-dovey” Public Displays of Affection (PDA) – and – we don’t indulge in “niceties” – like giving each other gifts – or celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

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