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Erykah Badu surely has a weird style from how she dresses, to how she performs.But one thing is for certain is that the pussy must be that good. In a newly released interview with Vlad TV, the New York MC speaks at length about the ' Exhibit C' rhymer in terms of the strong buzz he received after releasing that song and failing to capitalize off of it.Saigon says a woman was behind Jay's lack of musical output, and without her interference, he could have been one of the biggest conscious rappers out."I know he wasn't ignorant but I don't know where Jay Electronica was gonna go because I don't think he put out enough music," said the "Yardfather.""But if that was his path, I think yeah, Jay Electronica had a huge buzz. Then his buzz got deterred somehow by a rich woman with a lot of money who supposedly took him off his path," he continued.Do you think that Jay Electronica is overprotective? The rapper claimed last week that he wasn’t dating heiress Kate Rothschild but now a family friend has confirmed that Kate is dating the music star.

Goldsmith apparently slapped his wife over news she was having an affair with Electronica and subsequently said that he would be filing for divorce.

Any way that you put it, they’ve all confessed their love for Erykah Badu.

For whatever reason Badu knows how to please the fellas in every aspect.

He took to Instagram to proclaim his love for Erykah and that he will protect him at all cost. Overall plenty has said that Jay Electronica is overprotective of Badu.

In conclusion, do you think that the two will get back together?

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