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I know he loves me as much as I love him, the fuzzy little idiot.

Seeing as how breaking up is off the table, as losing you as a Yiddish-speaking partner would just kill my mother, let's talk solutions.

Marisa says that the most valuable thing that her mom has ever told her was “You can always go back to school but you may not always be able to model.” Marisa took her mom’s advice and soon gained attention when she appeared in a 1997 issue of Perfect 10magazine.

Although she came in third behind Ashley Degenford and Monica Hansen in Perfect 10magazine’s first annual model search, she was repeatedly showcased in following issues, including the covers of the Winter 1998, Aug/Sept 1999, and Fall 2004 editions.

Marissa: It would be harder to not date you than to do what I'm doing now, which is to date you and pop antihistamine pills that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

I mean, like, thanks for squeezing my hand while my allergist pricked my forearm with tiny allergen particles, but since I went through that pain for you, why don't you spare me the runny nose and come over more often?I want to keep my wonderful girlfriend happy but as the person responsible for his entire existence, I need to keep Hunter happy too.Marissa: I've never been one to issue ultimatums, but I do feel like I have to share you — which is fine, because you have to share me with the gym.I know that this is something that we'll have to address eventually because we've talked it over and we both know that this could be a forever thing.But for now, even when I do come over, I still have to go home to feed the cat.

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