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Oded and Rhinda are living happily together along with their children in the United States. The couple met each other at a Los Angeles opera house and started dating each other.It's been seventeen years since their married and the couple is still together and no sign and rumors of their divorce. Being an actor, he has appeared in several movies, TV series, documentaries, TV films, animated series as well as in video games too, through which he gained a decent amount of money. Oded and Rhonda are living happily together with no sign of divorce. Being an actor, he has appeared in several movies, TV series, documentaries, TV films, animated series as well as in video games too through which he gained a decent amount of money.My skin still crawls when we get guns on the set because guns for me, and in Israel, are something that is there for killing. It's all fun." (Guardian Of The Tomb by Jeff Bond, 2001) Q. I was always very practical and I never felt that acting was a good job to be in. You know, that came out and Deuce Bigalow was coming out and me with the long hair and all the rest of it. Did you ever consider being an actor when you were growing up? I moved to Germany and tried to start a marketing business with my father, but it just didn't thrill me. I was dating my now wife at the time and she wouldn't have anything to do with me for three months just because of that nice little article. It is estimated that his current net worth is around million.The celebrity couple Oded Fehr and Rhonda Tollefson has been the center of attention for a long time.I would hope to become an actor who is good enough to win Oscars. I feel very lucky to be doing what I am doing with my career." (uk, November 2001) first thing to do in the a.m.: "Have a couple of quiet minutes when my wife and I can just look at each other. It's sweet, but sometimes people think she's saying daddy. '" (Oded Fehr, Star of The Mummy Returns by Lisa Simpson, In Style, 2001) I grew up being a very shy kid, and then I broke out in the 10th grade and I was relatively popular. My first girlfriend and I were together for, like, five years. They stuck out a bit," says the actor, who received classical training at England's Old Vic Theatre before moving to Santa Monica last May. I used to play Pac Man and all that and kind of grew out of it at a certain point. Last year I that was the first Christmas kinda with her family that we did a big thing. Today, though, "there's nothing wrong with him," notes Moyer. (Vicki Gabereau, TV, October, 2001) As a child I'd watch shows like Sesame Street on television - that's how I learned English - and I would always perform songs for my family." (Oded Fehr, Star of The Mummy Returns by Lisa Simpson, In Style, 2001)Teen Hollywood: Do you have any past experience playing video games? I think more out of fear that I'll get so hooked, I'd never be able to do anything else.

The couple welcomed their first child, Atticus, in 2003 and their second child, Finley, in 2006 and third baby, Azelie, in 2006.

Then I started a very simple drama course in Frankfurt and I got to do this play.

Next I auditioned for drama school in Bristol in England and I was there for three years.

On his character, Arab or not, Fehr says that he simply "loved the character, as well as the culture and the beauty of it." Fehr further admits to also being "intrigued by ancient Egypt," enhancing his boyish enthusiasm in doing the film. Oded, 33, assures us he didn't use a butt double...

Q: After renting the video of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, I have to ask: Did Oded Fehr really bare his own backside in the film? (Personality Parade, 2004)"I want to do well enough to get some recognition. (a Fehr to remember by Dennis Hensley, Movieline, 2001) As a child he was teased for his "funny ears. My wife obviously, she grew up in Los Angeles so they celebrate Christmas, and it’s wonderful I love it.

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