Wife dating sloppy seconds

Then finally when she's all clean I get to fuck her.Sometimes, it's up to her as to when, she lets me add my load to her pussy then I eat her out, clean her up and fuck her again.Depending on the quantity of ejaculate inside the vagina, this feeling can be more or less.In my own experience with this scenario, my male friend was involved in several threesomes with my girlfriend and I.For me, the feeling of sloppy seconds always results in me not lasting very long because of the intensity of the feeling and the superb lubrication. She climbed on me and started rubbing her wetness in my face and it got really hot. As a guy, entering a girl's vagina after another guy has just previously ejaculated inside of her the sensation is intense.

so once I was fully inside, I could feel a large pool of semen around my penis.

It started out with me talking her into hiring a male prostitute when we were out of town.

during that week, we hired him 3 more times and another time had him bring over another guy.

Usually she does no more than two, but has done 3 and 5.

She refused to wear panties after she is fucked, no matter how badly the cum is leaking out of her now, VERY used pussy.

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