Word application screenupdating not working

Click Start–Microsoft Office Hold the Ctrl key Click the Microsoft office program of your choice. There is a space between “Winword” and “/”You should have able to launch word program in safe mode now.In our case, Click on MS Word It should open MS word in user initiated safe mode. Disable all the third party plug-ins that work in sync with word program. Check the word program and see whether the Microsoft word not responding issue persists.Off all the causes, this one happens more frequently.To ensure whether it’s the case, check out the event log produced.When I do the following in this order in the code: 1) set Screen Updating set to false 2) I add a new workbook, activate a ribbon tab 3) I do a bunch of operations to that workbook that may take 10-20 seconds 4) set Screen Updating back to true.

Is there some other property or some Win32 API calls that I can use to ensure that these newly created workbook windows display at the correct time? Hello Taylour, You have to introduce a delay before you change the workbook. Any idea why the ribbon wouldn't paint itself for that method?

The active worksheet is shown as empty since Screen Updating is off 3) more operations on the workbook are done (but you can't see them being done as Screen Updating is off, you still just see an empty worksheet) 4) after the operations are completed. Add-in Express provides a way of its own; please check section Wait a Little in the PDF file, see the folder \Docs on your development PC.

you see the changes to the worksheet and the activated ribbon tab changes. Regards from Belarus (GMT 3), Andrei Smolin Add-in Express Team Leader Thanks Andrei, The Windows Form timer did the trick to open the window and change the active ribbon tab, before updating the sheet, in Excel 2013.

The reason is simple: This rich text editor comes with the handy features that support the creation and editing of resumes, process manuals, project reports and the many.

Although Microsoft word is often referred as one of the most stable applications from the house of Microsoft, sometimes it crashes and throws an annoying error message “Microsoft word not responding”. At the worst cases, the word application tends to crash again and again.

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