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President Xi Jinping would be happy to see it run forever — or at least until it reveals that America is no longer strong enough to be plausible as even a nostalgic hegemon.

At that point, China will have won a world war without firing a shot.

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Japan and Germany, the old foes who were the greatest beneficiaries of the American order, continued to rely on Washington’s defence largesse even as they began to compete as peers — or more than peers — with American industry.

Washington itself, meanwhile, seeing the benighted state of many domestic manufacturers, decided that a dose of international competition was the cure. So did American firms that decided they could maximise their shareholder revenue and their executives’ compensation by dismantling their own production chains: they could lay off an expensive American workforce and hire a cheaper one in Mexico or Asia; and they could outsource the components of their products — cell phones, computers, cars, even fighter jets — to specialist manufacturers in countries whose governments and business elites jointly put a priority on the most high-value and technical kinds of manufacturing.

No one can blame Europe or Japan for taking advantage of a system that lets them have it both ways for as long as it lasts: a system that lets them shift the burden of defence — any state’s first imperative — on to a friendly hegemon, even while working assiduously to tear apart the hegemon’s industry.

The present broken world economic system will continue to empower China relative to the US for as long as China lets it run.

On the whole, Donald Trump’s bark has been worse than his bite.

And China is shocked that the self-liquidating superpower of the West might not be so self-liquidating after all. No major country on earth can successfully retaliate against America in a trade war, for the simple reason that America has trade deficits with them all.

America has proven more than once that its large and rich internal market can support itself, and if consumer prices rise, there is a point up to which a marginally more expensive flat-screen TV is worth the higher price in exchange for more Americans making those TVs in the first place.

We protect distribution channels and do not re-sell stock-lift product to warehouses for purposes of returns like our competitors do.

We abide by the sales restrictions that are specified by the supplier.

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