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The average well-established sex worker says that he or she keeps their sex job and personal life separate.It seems pretty hard to do, especially if you’re naturally sexy and seek out sexy people anyway and also if you have longtime clients. Some older women advertise themselves out as either fetish material (older woman) or as a sex surrogate or sex teacher willing to take young men and show them how to make love to a woman.Money is one of the biggest attractions of the sex business but it can be scary, especially if you are working on the street.I believe that the illegality of it helps make it scary.Sex workers themselves say that all consenting sex between adults is good even if it is for pay. It doesn’t matter how kinky or offbeat it is, if people want to do it consentingly, that’s their business, nobody else’s.

Priscilla Alexander, sex worker activist I have read lots of stories by sex workers describing their lives.A lot of sex workers get personally involved with their clients and even marry some of them. The sex workers I’ve met were mostly fairly normal people. Her sessions were always at least two hours long, with a massage, conversation, etc.She saw herself as a healer and psychologist all in one.It is a wealth of experience in life for anyone curious in that respect. Some women and men will have all good experiences or at least no extremely bad ones like rape or violence while others will become jaded, eventually seeing all men as a bunch of cheating dogs, possibly getting beat up by some of them and getting ripped off but there are ways around this if you run a good business.Any streetwise whore will tell you there are good times and bad times, the unfortunate thing being that the bad times could be rape, abuse and even murder.

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